Apex Fence Company

I started this Apex Fence Company with a $100.00 bill and a free Craigslist ad. Luckily our first project was downhill from the lumber yard, my 1980 GMC Jimmy with a car trailer on the back never would have hauled the wood and concrete uphill!

My first client's deposit was needed just to be able to buy the wood. It was late June and it was hot! These first few projects were built 100% with hand tools, post hole diggers, hammer & nails. Things I learned during these humble beginnings: Digging a hole by hand in parched Georgia red clay is about equal to digging a hole in concrete, just a little quieter. Use plenty of water when mixing your concrete lest you end up with a wheel barrow shaped rock weighing 240 lbs. Poking your fingers into a tool belt full of nails for two days makes it difficult to use the restroom efficiently for at least a week and finally your left thumb CAN actually grow to twice the size of your right if hit often enough with a hammer.

Apex Fence Company

I saved every penny I made on the first 5 fences and bought a work truck and hired a fence installer to start building our fences and the rest is history. Word started to get out that we built excellent fences and were terrific to do business with and the phones started to ring.

Our efforts to raise the bar in the fence industry here in Atlanta have not gone unnoticed as can be seen by our online reputation. We have approximately 150 customer reviews which the vast majority are 5 stars. We are family owned and are consumers ourselves so we understand the pitfalls and fears of hiring service companies to perform work for us. Today, we reside on 1.66 acres of commercial property with 3 buildings along Hwy 20 in Canton GA .

We serve the metro Atlanta area and most of North Georgia for our commercial projects. Our phones are answered with friendly, knowledgeable people and our field estimators are seasoned in our industry with great advise to offer with many years of experience to rely on.