Commercial Fence Contractor

Commercial Fences

When you need a Commercial Fence Contractor in Atlanta, look to Apex Fence Company for the best Atlanta Fence Company with the reputation to back it up. Fully insured, we are ready to tackle any commercial fencing project you may have. Our Commercial Fencing division services include: Commercial Chain Link Fences, Descrative Metal, Wrought Iron style, Commercial Steel, Commercial Aluminum, Interior and Security Cages, Dumpster Doors you name it - we will build it for you in our Atlanta Commercial Fence facility in Canton Georgia.

We have extensive experience with multifamily housing, apartment complexes, student housing complexes, commercial businesses, industrial projects, government projects, airforce bases, public airports, distribution facilities, manufacturing plants and many, many more. Securing your business or inventory with a top quality Commercial Fence is our top priority.

Security Fencing

One of the most practical ways to secure inventory, prevent unwanted people on your premises, and ensure employee safety is to install security perimeter fencing. Typical Commercial Chain Link fencing comes 6', 7' and 8' tall with or without barbed wire and/or razor ribbon.

Security Cages

Often the grade of your property will determine which types of commercial gate will serve you best. Ask your Apex Representative to recommend the best solution for your gate needs. We provide Security Fencing and Gates for Commercial Fencing in Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell and the rest of North Georgia as well as neighboring states.

Dumpster Doors

Chances are that you do not give very much thought to your dumpster beyond noticing that it is there. That is the wrong approach to take for a subject that can be pretty tricky for businesses to handle. After all, everyone has -- and generates garbage -- but few people want to have reminders about it -- especially when they come to visit a business. Here's what you need to know about a dumpster door for your business.

Licensing And Insurance

We are licensed in Cobb County and the State of Georgia. We carry full insurance coverage including workman’s compensation insurance as well as general liability, with an additional umbrella endorsement. Fence construction necessitates the use of many power tools, including power augers, saws, compressors generators and nail guns. Be aware when entertaining proposals and services from non insured companies.