Commercial Galvanized Chain Link Fence Types

A commercial galvanized chain link fence provides a range of different options for use within the business -- as well as other industrial -- settings. Apex Fence Company, the premier provider of commercial galvanized chain link fencing in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area, offers five distinct fencing concepts within this category.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Galvanized fencing is the ideal choice for commercial entities that want a cost-effective and durable method of defining property boundaries as well as providing security. While a commercial galvanized fence is easy to install and can consist of the rails and chain link fabric, other components, such as slats, can be added for the purposes of decoration.

Heavy Commercial Chain Link Fence

Heavy commercial galvanized fencing is designed of components that are a heavier gauge steel than those used with residential applications. While line posts for a light commercial chain link fence might measure 1 5/8 inches, for example, heavy commercial line posts could be 1 7/8 inches, 2 3/8 inches or some other measurement that better meets the need for a more durable fencing material. Airports, correctional institutions and other businesses that need a heavy-duty fencing option turn to this type of commercial galvanized fence.

Light Commercial Chain Link Fence

Typically used within a light industrial or commercial application, light commercial galvanized fence often provides a visual reminder of property lines with a minimum of security issues. Playgrounds, tennis courts and storage facilities are a few of the industries and applications that can benefit from using light commercial fencing.

Value Engineering Chain Link Fence

Commercial chain link fence offers industries the perfect opportunity to engage in value engineering. Because of the wide range of options available with galvanized chain link fencing, Apex Fence Company's experienced team can work with you to determine which type of fencing provides you with the value, security and longevity you need for your commercial enterprise.

Design Build

Design build projects allow you to skip the time-consuming -- and often costly -- step of involving an architect. Eliminating this middleman and working directly with an Atlanta fence company that has experience with design build delivers a superior product that meets your unique needs. By visiting the site where the fence is needed -- as well as taking the necessary criteria as far as materials, price, etc into consideration -- Apex Fence Company is able to design and install a commercial galvanized chain link fence that meets your standards. Using the design build process saves you both time and money while delivering a superior product.