Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence


Commercial Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Commercial Vinyl Coated Coated Chain Link Fences

Commercial vinyl coated chain link fence provides businesses and other industries with a durable and attractive method of marking and securing a property. Using vinyl as a coating -- instead of bare galvanized steel, for example -- provides businesses and industrial settings with a product that exudes a polished and professional look that nearly blends in with its surroundings. Designed of a core wire inner covered by a vinyl exterior coating, there are two classes of commercial vinyl coated chain link fence:

Class 2A

This class comprises a vinyl coating that is thinner than what is typically used for residential applications. Because it is applied to the core wire by the means of an high-grade industry standard glue, Class 2A vinyl coated chain link fencing provides superior longevity with less tearing and peeling.

Class 2B

Often chosen by architects, engineers and those working within a governmental capacity, Class 2B vinyl coated chain link fence is used almost exclusively within the commercial and industrial sector. The vinyl coating is fused and bonded to the core wire using thermal methods that allow for increased strength and durability. Because the vinyl coating is thermally fused to the wire, it forms a bond that offers superior resistance to tearing, peeling and cracking.

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