Commercial GATES

Commercial Security Gates

Often the grade of your property will determine which types of commercial gate will serve you best. Ask your Apex Representative to recommend the best solution for your gate needs. We provide Security Fencing and Gates for Commercial Fencing in Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell and the rest of North Georgia as well as neighboring states.

Swing Gates

are exactly what they sound like, they swing out of the way to allow access to your property. Chain link gates are hung on Bulldog hinges while Decorative metal swing gates are hung with welded, ball bearing block hinges that have a grease fitting to insure smooth operation for decades.

Roll Gates

retract along your fence on a track system along with the gate nose riding along the ground typically on a track if the grade allows.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever Gates retract along your fence and are suspended slightly off the ground riding entirely on a track system. We propose nylon rollers since they hold up much longer and produce a smooth rolling action which is user friendly. We will gladly price steel rollers if value engineering is requested. The cantilever gate itself is 50% longer than the opening it secures so it is important to assess your retraction room when deciding if a cantilever gate is right for your application.

Fully Insured

Apex Fence Company is fully insured with a standard 1 M in liability with an additional 1M umbrella endorsement. We have carried up to 10 M in liability for government projects. Our bonding capacity will allow us to install your project regardless as to its size.