Commercial Security Cages


When you need to secure an area or product from personnel or the public a Wire Security Cage will supply you with the needed protection to provide loss prevention and minimize liability issues within your facility. Wire Security Cages are custom fabricated often from chain link fence materials, expanded metal, and or punched metal sheeting.

We can build Security Cages any size or height and with a ceiling if needed. Often our projects are specified "to deck" so we use a combination of chain link materials with posts anchored to the floor and build up to the bottom of the beams and bar joist. Then we fabricate and weld expanded metal from the top of the chain link fence to the bottom of the deck weaving in and out of the bar joist, duct work, sprinkler pipes, etc as needed. Apex Fence Company Security Cages will secure your area and products from any unauthorized access from floor to ceiling.

Security Cages Are Built Strong

We offer access control options along with our Wire Security Cages. Mechanical locking systems such as 5 button Simplex Locks to electronically controlled options like Keypads or Proximity Card Readers that will supply the level of protection you are looking for. Some of our electronic access options are trackable as well as being able to be controller from anywhere in the world via internet connection.

Apex Fence Company is fully insured

with a standard 1 M in liability with an additional 1M umbrella endorsement. We have carried up to 10 M in liability for government projects. Our bonding capacity will allow us to install your project regardless as to its size.