Residential Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing provides homeowners with a beautiful alternative to wood, chain link and other materials. Available in a range of styles -- including decorative, contemporary, traditional and more -- an aluminum fence offers a host of advantages that can increase the visual appeal of a property, as well as its security and value. In addition to its charming and classy good looks, this type of fence is durable, long lasting and easy to maintain.

Pressed Point

A classically-styled aluminum fence, this design brings you the beauty and simplicity of a traditional white picket fence with pressed points mounted evenly across the top. When paired with a Gothic-style or classic gate, the effect is elegant, classy and sophisticated. The brilliant polished black surface of this aluminum fence provides the perfect contrast against a healthy green lawn and your home.

Rail Top Fence

A rail top fence provides a secure and finished look for your yard or entire property. If you have an area that has uneven topography, choosing a fence with a rail top gives it the stability and durability that you need for years of good looks. With its classic double-bevel design, a rail top fence is the ideal choice for uses as varied as keeping your home as private as possible and ensuring that your dog and children are kept safe as they enjoy nature. Let Apex Fence Company improve the appearance of your yard and home with this popular type of aluminum fencing.

Fence Finials

Fence finials add the ideal finishing touch to your aluminum fence. If you are considering a fence for purely decorative purposes, adding fence finials provides a splendid finishing touch that can really add that "Wow" factor that you want to elicit. Even an aluminum fence that you are adding to your property as a measure of increased security for your children or pets can have its beauty increased enormously simply by adding the right fence finials. At Apex Fence Company, we can provide guidance as far as the which finials will help you achieve the look you want for your aluminum fence.

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