Pressed Point Aluminum Fence


Residential Pressed Point Aluminum Fence

Pressed Point Aluminum Fence

Chances are when you think about a metal fence, a pressed point aluminum fence is one of the first images in your mind. Its strong horizontal metal rails and posts with their pressed points are a classic fence style whose popularity only seems to grow throughout the years.

A pressed point aluminum fence is ideal for a number of different residential uses. While it is extremely popular for those Georgia neighborhood homes that want to highlight the distinctive qualities of their homes, it is also a popular choice for homes that have a swimming pool -- or any other areas -- that you, as the homeowner, want to set apart from the others on your property.

Because of the distinctive points that are present on the posts, an aluminum fence pressed point style provides a striking visual effect against the backdrop of your property. Its straight pickets are topped by pressed points which keeps the focus on the beauty of your home and landscaped property while also providing the unmistakable feeling of security and safety.