Rail Top Aluminum Fence


Residential Aluminum Fence With Rail Top

Aluminum Fence With Rail Top

A Aluminum Fence With Rail Top provides a measure of versatility and customizability along with the safety and security you would expect from a strong and durable metal fence. A three rail fence design, this type of aluminum fence features a rail along the bottom as well as two near the top. This general base then allows you to customize it to be as elaborate or simple as you like.

Sticking with the classic, three rail top aluminum fence design provides a strong and classic look that offers durable security for your home and property. Its open air design means that visibility and air circulation are increased when compared to fences that are closed in nature. An aluminum fence with rail top also allows you, as the homeowner, to show off your creativity. For example, rings can be added to the spaces in between the rails. Railing points that rise above the rail can also be installed. Regardless of which additions you choose for your rail top aluminum fence -- or none at all -- this type of fencing will increase the beauty and value of your home and property.