Majestic Flat Top Fence


Residential Majestic Flat Top Fence

Majestic Flat Top Fence

Montage is the premier fencing manufacturer in the United States. Their residential Majestic flat top fence provides homeowners with a streamlined, sleek look that effectively accentuates any property. Its pleasing clean, straight lines provide the perfect accent for wide open vistas, adding a great deal of visual beauty to your property.

Designed with either two or three horizontal rails, homeowners have their choice of either a standard bottom rail or one that sits flush with the bottom of the panels. These panels range in heights from three to six feet -- depending on whether they choose two or three rails. Panels that are 4.5 feet in height come with only with a bottom rail that is flush. This steel fence provides homeowners with superior strength, beauty and quality. It adds a measure elegance and charm that is unparelleled to other types of fencing.

Accentuating Montage's residential Majestic flat top fence is their selection of walk gates. Homeowners can choose from arched walk gates as well as single and double walk gates for added security and continuity.