Residential Steel Fence

Steel Fence

When choosing a fencing type for their home, many people want a look that sets them apart from their neighbors. A steel fence provides all the advantages of a traditional wood fence while also offering visual appeal that is regal, stately and sophisticated. This allows homeowners to highlight and showcase their property's unique characteristics -- such as landscaping or the design of the house itself -- while also supplying the level of security they desire.

Advantages of a Steel Fence

A steel fence is stronger than other metals, such as aluminum.

The components that make up a steel fence are first dipped in zinc to help deter the formation of rust.

Low maintenance
After the fencing components are dipped in zinc, they are finished with a powder coating. This makes the fence low maintenance.

High level of security
A steel fence is less likely to be compromised than other types of fence. It is not easily broken or its parameters breached.

Increased visibility
Though a steel fence provides security, it still allows for a great deal of visibility. This allows a homeowner to show off the property while also improving air circulation.

Superior looks
An ornamental fence made of metal has the look and feel of iron for the best in looks.

Increased property value
A fenced in yard is a huge selling point for any home. The addition of a steel fence, though increases its value even more as it also adds a unique visual appeal to the entire property.

Fully customizable
A steel fence is available in a variety of colors and styles so homeowners can choose the ones that best suit their property. In addition, homeowners can choose to further customize their steel fence by adding scrolls, finials, rails or rings.

Types of Steel Fence

Classic Pressed Point
This is the type of steel fence that often comes to mind when someone talks about it. Sleek and classical in appearance, this fence adds value and security.

Majestic Flat Top
Smooth and sleek, the majestic flat top steel fence also provides a classic look to any residential property.

Genesis Finial
Combining extraordinary strength with a sophisticated look, the Genesis Finial steel fence provides a way for you to easily customize the look of your home.

Wrought Iron Style
A wrought iron style steel fence offers you all the beauty and visual aplomb of a traditional wrought iron fence with the ease of maintenance of steel.