Residential Pool Fence

Pool Fences Provide Peace of Mind

A swimming pool fence is a decorative accessory for your home that also provides a great deal of peace of mind. Available in a range of different materials and designs, a pool fence can add a great deal of beauty and style to the exterior of your home. In addition to bringing you peace of mind so that pets and children stay safe around your pool, having a professionally installed swimming pool fence adds value to your property -- an important consideration if you plan to sell it at some point in the future.

BOCA Codes Must Be Met

The swimming pool fence building codes can differ widely between localities in Georgia. If they are not followed precisely, you could receive a summons or -- worse -- inadvertently be responsible for a pet or child getting inside your pool. Apex Fence Company has the experience and knowledge needed to install your pool fence so that it meets -- and even exceeds -- the stipulations set forth by the county or city where your house is located. This means that you can hire them with confidence and know that you will get an attractive fence that meets all the pertinent codes.

A Pool Fence Gives You Privacy

Another important criteria when it comes to having a pool fence installed is privacy. Being able to enjoy your pool in private without your neighbors peeking at you when you are relaxing is extremely important to most homeowners. Knowing that the neighborhood kids can see that you are taking a dip in your pool and wanting to join you can greatly decrease your enjoyment of it. This same idea applies to those adult neighbors who always seem to come to visit you -- uninvited and armed with their sunblock and beach towel -- as you are preparing to slip into your pool for a relaxing dip.

Attractive Materials and Designs

Pool fences do not have to be chain link, though there is nothing wrong with choosing this material if you need something that is budget friendly. There are a number of other types of materials that can be used for your pool fence. Decorative metal pool fences add a significant amount of class and charm to your property. Wood swimming pool fences are available in many different styles that are designed make your yard look fantastic while still ensuring that kids and pets are kept away from the water.

Apex Fence Company is the number one pool fence installer in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Our installers work closely with you to determine the right fence for your home and pool. Contact us today to schedule your free quote.

Pool Fence codes here in GA can be tricky

Codes affecting your pool fence vary from county to county and city to city. The purpose of a pool fence is to save lives and know that your pool must be surrounded by an approved barrier. Trust the professionals at Apex Fence Company to understand and be able to guide you towards the best pool fence for your application. We offer additional support to City of Atlanta residents by offering the services of our permit expediter for a small fee plus permit fees.