Dog Eared Picket Fence


Residential Dog Eared Picket Fence

Dog Eared Picket Fence

A dog eared picket fence is one of the most enduring and popular styles of fencing for residential properties. Flexible, affordable and visually appealing, a dog eared picket fence is often chosen by homeowners to enclose their backyards. This presents a neat, smooth and unaltered facade to passersby on the street while allowing the homeowner a measure of privacy in their own backyard.

This type of picket fence gets its name from its unique style. Instead of the slats being cut straight across, the corners are also cut neatly off. This resembles the way the pages of a book look when its corner is folded over to save the reader's place. A dog eared picket fence's effect packs a greater visual punch than a traditional picket fence.

Another advantage is that this type of fence makes a style statement without the sharp corners and edges that are often seen in other types of picket fences so it is a safer option for families. Homeowners also have flexibility when it comes to choosing how to place the slats. Putting them closer together ensures more privacy while spacing them further apart allows the wind to flow between them.