Capped Wood Privacy Fence



Capped Wood Privacy Fence

A capped wood privacy fence takes the clean lines and pleasing look of a traditional wood fence to a new level by adding a finishing touch. Private yet stylish, a capped wood fence features wood pickets and rails that alternate. Rails installed at both the top and the bottom of this fence provide added stability and visual appeal. With the addition of a cap at the top of each fence post, a sophisticated and regal look is achieved.

Due to the unique design of the rails and pickets used for a capped wood fence, privacy and security are afforded that keeps pets and children safe from harm. Unlike a solid wood privacy fence, though, a capped fence allows you to enjoy the natural breeze and transparency that are hallmarks of a traditional chain link fence.

The natural look of wood adds unsurpassed appeal to any property, increasing the enjoyment of its outdoor spaces as well as its value. Using cedar makes a capped wood fence resistant to rot and ensures many years of beautiful use without worries of discoloration, warping or buckling.