Dog Eared Fence



Dog Eared Wood Fence

Are you looking for a privacy fence for your Georgia home that offers you stylish beauty in addition to the privacy you crave? A dog eared wood fence could be exactly the solution you are looking for. With its gently curved top line and durable construction, this type of fence is a smart investment that adds to the beauty and value of your home while providing you with the right amount of privacy.

A dog eared fence is made of wood that is resistant to pests, rot, mold and deterioration, offering you years of good looks and sturdy service. Strong posts and horizontal rails provide the basis for this privacy fence and help it resist warping and twisting. Then, depending on your particular needs, the dog eared slats can be installed closely together to provide you with the ultimate in privacy or they can be situated slightly apart. This latter design allows you to view the area beyond your fence and enables air to easily circulate within the fence -- all without compromising your privacy.