Atlanta Fence Permits & HOA Approval

Do I need a permit to build a fence in Atlanta?

Depends on where you live. As of this writing, there are 5 cities in the Metro Atlanta area that require fence permits. The City of Atlanta, City of Sandy Springs, City of Milton, City of Johns Creek, and the City of Brookhaven. Each of these areas has its own process and rules but all are relatively simple and easy to navigate.

When you decide a new fence is in your future click on the link provided for your city, download, print and fill out the provided paperwork. When you submit your paperwork include your Apex fence quote with its diagram to show the location of your fence. Your city permitting representative will most likely approve your application and you are free to have your new fence installed upon receiving approval.

For the City of Atlanta residents, Apex Fence has a permit expediter for your fence permit if you choose to not drive down to Trinity Ave and apply yourself. Call and we will provide you with her name and number and for a fee plus permit fee, she will procure your fence permit for you. This is between you (applicant) and our expediter exclusively. Apex Fence is not a participant in this process nor does it profit in any way. This is purely a convenience we can provide for you.

For HOA’s: There are 1000’s of HOA’s in the Metro Atlanta area, check with yours for approval prior to your fence installation to make sure your design is acceptable to the standards of your neighborhood.  Atlanta Fence Company has worked with hundreds of HOAs across Atlanta and surrounding areas to ensure our fences meet the specifications of your community. Most HOAs will provide you with a guideline.  When requesting a fence quote for your home within an HOA Community, please be sure to mention your HOA by name and be prepared to provide us with any guidelines or the contact information for your community manager.

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