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The experts at Apex Fence Company understand the importance of privacy and tranquility within your residential space. Our privacy fences are designed to create a secluded and peaceful environment for you and your family. With various materials, such as wood or vinyl, and different height options available, our expert team can custom-build a privacy fence that perfectly suits your needs.

Our privacy fences not only provide a physical barrier but also offer peace of mind by keeping unwanted eyes away from your home. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon in your backyard or host gatherings without prying neighbors, our top-quality Atlanta Georgia privacy fences deliver optimal seclusion. With durable construction and excellent craftsmanship, you can trust that our privacy fences will withstand the test of time while enhancing the beauty of your property.

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Wood Privacy Fencing Available Styles

If you want to set your yard off from your surrounding area, making it your private, quiet sanctum, a privacy fence is right for you!

Scalloped Privacy Wood Fencing - Atlanta Georgia

Wood Privacy FencingScalloped Privacy Fences

With gently curved lines punctuated by strong and sturdy anchor posts, a scalloped fence is a work of pleasing contrasts. The scalloped fence style can be used for privacy fences and picket fences.

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Saddled Privacy Wood Fencing - Atlanta Georgia

Wood Privacy FencingSaddled Privacy Fences

The design of a saddled wood privacy fence is very appealing thanks to the placement of the posts along the outside of the fence. This exposure adds a pleasant 3D look to the entire fence line.

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X-Brace Privacy Fencing - Atlanta Georgia

Wood Privacy FencingX-Brace Privacy Fences

This style of privacy fence is instantly recognizable from its name, featuring X-shaped bracing along its length. Check out this recent X-brace privacy fence project we did in Marietta, Georgia!

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Dog-eared Privacy Fencing - Atlanta Georgia

Wood Privacy FencingDog-eared Privacy Fences

This is a perfect style for basic privacy fence needs. Dog-eared fences are known for their trapezoidal top as seen here.

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Horizontal Privacy Fencing - Atlanta Georgia

Wood Privacy FencingHorizontal Privacy Fences

For a modern and unique privacy fence, the horizontal orientation of the pickets make this option a stand-out. Protect your privacy with style!

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Privacy fences offer a range of benefits, including enhanced security, noise reduction, and, most importantly, privacy for your outdoor living space. These fences create a barrier that limits visibility from the outside, providing you and your family with a secluded and peaceful environment to enjoy your backyard activities without interference from neighbors or passersby.

There are several materials commonly used for privacy fences, including wood and vinyl. Wood fences, such as cedar or pine, offer a natural and traditional aesthetic. Vinyl fences require minimal maintenance and are available in various styles and colors. Our team at Apex Fence Company will help you choose the right material based on your preferences, budget, and the specific needs of your property.

Height restrictions for privacy fences can vary depending on local building codes and homeowners' association regulations. It's important to check the specific requirements in your area before installing a fence. Generally, residential privacy fences typically range from 4 to 8 feet in height.

The lifespan of a privacy fence largely depends on the material used. Factors like weather conditions, proper installation, and routine upkeep can also impact the longevity of your fence. Our experts at Apex Fence Company will help you choose the best material based on your preferences and offer advice on maintaining its longevity.

Privacy fences may provide a noticeable reduction in noise transmission depending on a few factors. Generally speaking, solid fencing materials such as vinyl or wood are better at blocking sounds and creating an obstruction that reduces the amount of noise you'll hear on your property.

Yes, privacy fences can contribute to improving property security. By creating a physical barrier and obstructing visibility from the outside, they act as a deterrent to potential intruders. Additionally, privacy fences with secure gates provide controlled access points to your property, enhancing its overall safety.

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Atlanta Georgia Privacy Fence
Atlanta Georgia Privacy Fence
Atlanta Georgia Privacy Fence
Atlanta Georgia Privacy Fence
Atlanta Georgia Privacy Fence
Atlanta Georgia Privacy Fence
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