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Our sound barrier fences are proven to lower the decibel level by effectively blocking unpleasant sounds, providing optimal noise reduction benefits for your Atlanta Georgia property.

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The team at Apex Fence Company specializes in crafting highly effective sound barrier fences that not only provide visual privacy but also significantly reduce noise pollution. Our sound barrier fences are carefully designed and constructed to minimize sound transmission, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment on your Atlanta Georgia property.

What sets our sound barrier fences apart is our commitment to affordability without compromising on performance. We have invested extensive time and resources in researching and developing sound barrier fence solutions that are not only effective but also reasonably priced. By using high-quality materials and unique fence construction techniques, we have successfully struck the perfect balance between efficiency, durability, and affordability.

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Sound barrier fencing is designed to reduce or block the transmission of sound from one area to another. It's commonly used alongside highways, railways, industrial sites, and residential areas to minimize the impact of noise pollution. Our sound barrier fences are typically 20-30 feet tall, are designed using thick, commercial-grade materials, and are proven to reduce the decibel level after installation.

The effectiveness of a sound barrier fence depends on various factors, including its design, height, materials, and the frequency of the noise source. When properly designed and installed, sound barrier fences can significantly reduce noise levels by absorbing, reflecting, or blocking sound waves. In the past, we have measured significant decibel decreases after installation.

Permit requirements for installing a sound barrier fence can vary depending on local regulations. In some areas, permits may be required based on fence height, location, and type. It's important to check with your local building or zoning department to determine if any permits are necessary before installing a fence.

Yes! Sound barrier fences from Apex Fence Company are incredibly durable thanks to the quality of the materials we use. We install the sound barrier fence using galvanized steel posts which are resistant to rusting, rotting, or corrosion and will act as a strong foundation for your sound barrier fence.

We install sound barrier fences in and around the Atlanta Georgia area. If you need a sound barrier fence for your commercial or residential property in the Southeastern United States, let the experts at Apex Fence Company know and we can make a plan to install the perfect sound barrier fence for your property.

Yes, sound barrier fences can be designed to blend seamlessly into residential areas. They can be customized to match the architectural style of homes and landscapes. Aesthetically pleasing options, such as decorative finishes and landscaping around the fence, help minimize any obtrusive appearance. We specialize in making attractive sound barrier fences for properties in Atlanta Georgia.

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