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Want to work with the local Alpharetta Georgia authority on fence installation? Speak to the professionals at Apex Fence Company! Since 2005, our fence experts have been guiding our customers in selecting the best layout, design, and materials for their property and needs.

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Our great reputation didn't come by accident! Over the course of time in our business, we have always worked to build trust with our customers and community in the Alpharetta, area and are proud of the work that we do. You can be sure when you work with us, you can depend on our Workmanship Warranty on every single fence installation.

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5 Fence Options for Any Alpharetta Georgia Home or Business

Our fence experts at Apex Fence Company have a combined 18 years of local industry experience, so we understand the range of fencing needs in Alpharetta. Ornamental steel fences, aluminum fences, vinyl fences, chain link fences, and wood fences are the best fence types to consider. Whether you're looking for privacy and security, or a decorative enhancement, we can guide your fence installation process from start to finish!

aluminum fence Alpharetta Georgia

Alpharetta GeorgiaClassic Aluminum Fences are Strong

Aluminum fences are a highly popular choice in the local Alpharetta area, especially for pools, yards, and businesses. Aluminum fences last for decades with little fuss or upkeep, and they add elegance to any yard or garden. We offer gates and decorative finials at Apex Fence Company to complement your aluminum fence. This type of fence is more expensive initially, but you will get your money's worth over time. Aluminum fences provide a classic look, boosting curb appeal and security.

Alpharetta Aluminum Fences
vinyl fence Alpharetta Georgia

Alpharetta GeorgiaVinyl Fences are Carefree and Durable

Vinyl fences are an excellent choice for any yard or playground area. Vinyl fencing is available in white and tan. Vinyl is more durable and lower maintenance than other fence materials. Weather in Alpharetta Georgia is no match for our durable vinyl fences because we use the highest quality materials for a virtually carefree fence. We reinforce our gates with steel frames and use PostMaster posts, securely installed for a strong, stable fence.

Alpharetta Vinyl Fences
chain link fence Alpharetta Georgia

Alpharetta GeorgiaChain Link Fences are Less Costly

Many local customers in Alpharetta Georgia opt for chain link fences due to their affordability. Chain link fences are less costly than other fences, but thanks to the latest technology, they are more attractive and functional than ever. Chain link fences are also available in a black, PVC-coated option for additional protection and a softer feel. There are also slatted upgrades for privacy. Partner with Apex Fence Company if you need a great fence without spending a ton!

Alpharetta Chain Link Fences
wood fence Alpharetta Georgia

Alpharetta GeorgiaWood Fences are Beautiful

The fastest way to add beauty to your residential or commercial property is to install a new wood fence. Our experts at Apex Fence Company have installed many styles of wood fences that can be designed specifically to complement any property. There are highly customizable details such as fence style, post caps, gates, stain colors, and decorative cutouts. Please consult with our professional fence team in Alpharetta Georgia before choosing your new wood fence.

Alpharetta Wood Fences
ornamental steel fenceAlpharetta Georgia

Alpharetta GeorgiaOrnamental Steel Fences Raise the Standard

Ornamental steel fences provide the very best safety and security for your Alpharetta Georgia property. It's the best type of fence that money can buy, and it will last for a lifetime. Ornamental steel fences raise the standard because of their customizable features. You can add secure gates and choose a height of up to six feet. Add decorative finials or custom styling to create a welcoming entrance.

Alpharetta Ornamental Steel Fences
Alpharetta Georgia residential and commercial fencing

How Are You Using Your Fence?

We have great fencing solutions for homeowners and business owners in Alpharetta Georgia. Select which of our fencing options is right for you.

Alpharetta Georgia Residential Fences

Our residential fences are beautiful and meet all the strict Alpharetta and regional codes as well as HOA fence codes for sturdiness and beauty. The durability and quality of our fences are demonstrated by our lifetime warranty.

Alpharetta Residential Fencing

Alpharetta Georgia Commercial Fences

Commercial fences are great for added security and beauty, We have an outstanding warranty and our products meet all Alpharetta codes and regulations.

Alpharetta Commercial Fencing

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If you're in need of any information or assistance, look no further than the seasoned experts at Apex Fence Company. With our extensive background in the industry, we are confident that we can assist you in finding the most suitable choices for your property in Alpharetta Georgia.

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