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When installing a fence in Dunwoody GA, there are many variables to consider. A reliable commercial fence company can help you through the many considerations and intricacies involved with fencing. Fencing for your Dunwoody home or business is determined by several aspects, from local weather to municipal permitting and safety laws to subdivision guidelines.

Our team of professionals at Apex Fence Company is ready to assist you! If you are located in Dunwoody Georgia, our experts can provide guidance on whether you should opt for a new fence or if repairs would suffice. Rest assured, we only utilize the highest quality materials and complete the job with utmost efficiency. Apex Fence Company has the perfect solutions to ensure a stunning and sturdy fence.

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Consider One of These Five Popular Dunwoody Georgia Fence Options

In the heart of Dunwoody, where fencing needs are as diverse as the community itself, the experts at Apex Fence Company bring over 18 years of combined industry knowledge. From Ornamental Steel Fences, Aluminum Fences, Vinyl Fences, Chain Link Fences , to Wood Fences, our team understands the importance of selecting the perfect fence for your unique vision. Whether you're looking to elevate your property's aesthetics or elevate its security, we're here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience from start to finish.

aluminum fence Dunwoody Georgia

Dunwoody Georgia Aluminum Fences are Durable

Dunwoody aluminum fences are one of the most popular choices among homeowners and businesses alike, serving a variety of purposes. Built to last with minimal maintenance, your aluminum fence from Apex Fence Company will provide enduring elegance for any outdoor space. Our collection features a range of gates and decorative finials, perfectly complementing your aluminum fence. While the initial investment may seem higher, these fences actually deliver lasting value over time. With their classic and timeless appeal, aluminum fences not only enhance the beauty of your property but also provide security for your cherished home or bustling business.

Aluminum Fence
vinyl fence Dunwoody Georgia

Dunwoody Georgia Vinyl Fences are Low-Maintenance

Vinyl fences are one of the most popular fence types among property owners in the Dunwoody area! Vinyl fences are made from PVC, a durable material made to last a lifetime. They are also an attractive choice that can be styled in a variety of designs and layouts. If you want a short, gated picket fence around your front yard, vinyl is perfect! If you're looking for tall, gapless panels for privacy and protection, there's a vinyl fencing solution that's just for that situation. Apex Fence Company uses top-quality vinyl fencing for all local projects, ensuring customers the best, lasting fence.

Vinyl Fence
chain link fence Dunwoody Georgia

Dunwoody Georgia Chain Link Fences are Cost-Friendly

Are you looking to add a simple fence to effectively secure your property? For an inexpensive and quick option, chain link fencing is a great solution for you. Apex Fence Company installs traditional galvanized or black vinyl chain link fences around the state of Georgia providing security for residential and commercial properties. There are various customization options to choose from, from a thick chain link fence to a lighter-weight mesh fencing material, depending on the intended function. Reach out to us at Apex Fence Company if you're in need of an exceptional fence without spending a ton!

Chain Link Fence
wood fence Dunwoody Georgia

Dunwoody Georgia Wood Fences are Classic and Beautiful

A great way to add beauty to your property is by adding a new wood fence from Apex Fence Company. Our team of fence experts has installed a variety of wood fence styles that can be crafted specifically to suit any residential or commercial property. We offer many customizable features such as style, post caps, gates, stains, colors, and decorative cutouts. Be sure to speak with our professional fence team in Dunwoody Georgia before deciding on your new wood fence.

Wood Fence
ornamental steel fence Dunwoody Georgia

Dunwoody Georgia Ornamental Steel Fences Offer Lifelong Protection

Ornamental steel fences provide quality safety and security for your Dunwoody Georgia home or business. Ornamental steel is known as the best type of fence that money can buy, and it will last years to come. Ornamental steel fences raise the bar thanks to their customizable details. Property owners can add secure gates and choose a height of up to six feet. Add decorative finials or custom styling to create an inviting entrance.

Ornamental Steel Fence

How Will You Use Your Fence?

Customers throughout Dunwoody rave about the exceptional service and products provided by Apex Fence Company. For 18 years we've specialized in installing fences tailored to your property's security, privacy, aesthetics, and more, ensuring your needs are met within your budget.

Dunwoody Georgia residential fencing contractor

Dunwoody Georgia Benefits of Residential Fences

Enhance property aesthetics and security

Installing decorative fencing for your residence not only enhances its aesthetic appeal, it also adds additional security. For homeowners who rank these benefits as a top priority, aluminum fences are often the preferred choice thanks to their elegance and long-lasting durability. No matter the fence type, a new fence installation will increase your property's value.

Define property borders effectively with picket or split rail fences

Picket fences and split rail fences are a top option across Dunwoody. If you need to cover a wide area, they offer a solution that is both cost-effective and beautiful. Because of the aesthetic value it provides, this particular design of the fence is often mandated by many homeowners associations.

Ensure pool safety with compliant barriers

Due to the increased risk for children under six near swimming pools, many jurisdictions enforce laws on pool fence installation. These barriers must offer unobstructed views, secure gate latches, and can't be scaled. Regulations also cover fence height and placement. Aluminum, vinyl, and chain link are favored for their combination of affordability and security.

Protect family and pets

In Dunwoody, people often choose vinyl, chain link, or wooden backyard fences. But you can also use materials like aluminum and ornamental steel. With custom options ranging from open designs to full-privacy, each fence is great for securing children and pets. Our extensive range of options is sure to suit your unique needs.

Dunwoody Georgia commercial fencing contractor

Dunwoody Georgia Benefits of Commercial Fences

Improve curb appeal to attract more customers

The first impression a potential customer gets of your business matters. Don't risk them being put off by a messy property or a damaged fence. Fencing around a commercial property shows customers that you're dedicated and take pride in your business's appearance.

Increase company safety with strong fencing

A strong, solid fence is the foundation of any effective security setup on a commercial property. You can even add additional safety measures such as a security gate and barbed wire for added protection and peace of mind. Keep your valuables, customers, and employees safe with a durable commercial fence for your property.

Reduce liability risks

There may be areas at certain commercial properties that need to be restricted or have potentially harmful areas that need to be off limits to avoid accidents. A strong Dunwoody fence will make it clear to the public that they should stay out of those hazardous areas, reducing your liability.

Provide privacy for customers and employees

Many business owners in Dunwoody need privacy to do their work. For professionals like lawyers or doctors, it's crucial to keep their clients' privacy intact. Fencing can also be handy at construction sites, hiding equipment and materials from public view. For added aesthetic appeal and durability, consider our commercial aluminum or decorative metal fences.

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If you're in need of any information or assistance, look no further than the seasoned experts at Apex Fence Company. With our extensive background in the industry, we are confident that we can assist you in finding the most suitable choices for your property in Dunwoody Georgia.

Improve Your Privacy with a Range of Privacy Fencing Choices

Here at Apex Fence Company, we recognize how vital it is to protect your privacy. We are therefore dedicated to working with you to design a private sanctuary in the beautiful region of Dunwoody Georgia that meets your unique needs. Regardless of your preference for the classic allure of wood or the durable properties of vinyl, our outstanding fences are made to offer the best possible privacy and quality.

Dunwoody Georgia wood privacy fencing

Dunwoody GeorgiaWood Privacy

In the picturesque town of Dunwoody, many of our esteemed customers appreciate the natural beauty and versatility of wood fences. With so many different designs and building methods at your disposal, you can create a wood privacy fence that enhances the beauty of your home while providing privacy. Invest in a wood privacy fence today to create your own private sanctuary.

Wood Privacy Fencing
Dunwoody Georgia vinyl privacy fencing

Dunwoody GeorgiaVinyl Privacy

The benefits of vinyl privacy fencing should be taken into consideration if you are looking for a long-lasting solution that requires little upkeep. Vinyl fences are well-known for their exceptional durability, as they resist warping, rotting, and fading. Vinul fences are extremely durable, providing a reliable shield of privacy. Improve the privacy surrounding your pool area, resulting in a calm setting perfect for leisure and relaxation.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing
Dunwoody Georgia chain link privacy fencing

Dunwoody GeorgiaChain Link Privacy

A strong chain link framework ensures durability and protection, while PVC slats installed within the links add an extra layer of privacy, making it difficult for outsiders to see through the fence. Chain link fences with privacy slats can be more affordable than other types of privacy fences and have little maintenance requirements so they will not need to be replaced or repaired as often.

Chain Link Privacy Fencing

Wood Fences in Dunwoody Georgia

Wood fences are a great option for Dunwoody, GA residents because of the tremendous number of custom styles and colors you can achieve with wood fencing materials. Below, we are providing a partial list of the most popular fence styles chosen by your friends and neighbors across the greater Dunwoody area.

Wood fence styles that are popular in Dunwoody GA
Dunwoody GA Shadowbox style wood fence

Dunwoody Georgia Shadowbox Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Dunwoody is the shadowbox style.

Dunwoody GA stockade style wood fence

Dunwoody Georgia Stockade Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Dunwoody is the stockade style.

Dunwoody GA cap and trim style wood fence

Dunwoody Georgia Cap & Trim Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Dunwoody is the Cap & Trim style.

Dunwoody GA horizontal style wood fence

Dunwoody Georgia Horizontal Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Dunwoody is the Horizontal style.

Dunwoody GA Ranch Rail wood fence

Dunwoody Georgia Ranch Rail Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Dunwoody is the ranch rail.

Dunwoody GA X Style wood fence

Dunwoody Georgia X Style Wood Fences

One of the most popular styles of wood fence in Dunwoody is the ranch rail.


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Our team has made the process of purchasing your fence simple for Dunwoody property owners. With experience in fence installation since 2005, the Apex Fence Company team is prepared to help you with your upcoming fencing project. Take a look at our wide selection of fencing options, and be sure to call us to get started today!

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Shop for commercial or residential fences in Dunwoody Georgia online by browsing local companies. Apex Fence Company only uses high-quality fencing materials that will withstand Dunwoody's weather conditions.

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Selecting materials, styles, and customizations is made easy with the help of Apex Fence Company! We have a wide selection of great fencing materials to select from. We can help you choose the perfect fence based on the budget and functional needs of your property.

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Let us take it from here! Our team at Apex Fence Company is experienced in the installation of aluminum fences, ornamental steel fences, chain link fences, wood fences, and vinyl fences for residential and commercial properties in the Dunwoody Georgia area!

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When you need a commercial or industrial fence in the Dunwoody area, Apex Fence Company is the solution for you!

The Apex Fence Company Difference in Dunwoody Georgia Fence Installations

At Apex Fence Company, the core principles of our team have always been customer satisfaction and quality work. Each of our team members is well-trained in leading industry methods and standards to provide the best level of professionalism and value to every fence we install. When you want a fence in the Dunwoody area, we are on the job! We have options in wood fences, vinyl fences, chain link fences, and aluminum fences, all with a variety of styles and choices to meet your needs and preferences.

In addition to standard fencing solutions, we also offer a variety of services tailored to commercial and industrial properties. From bollards and guardrails to fall protection fences and so much more, we have a wide variety of solutions to meet all of your needs. When you choose Apex Fence Company, you don't have to pick between customer satisfaction and quality services - we have it all!

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Choosing Apex Fence Company means choosing a fence company with a long history of high quality and reliability. Our story began in 2005, when our first couple of fences were personally installed by the owner. We have grown into a highly reputable fence company in Georgia.

As a locally owned and family-operated business, we take immense pride in serving our community with the utmost dedication and personalized care. Our longevity and success are a testament to our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and deep-rooted values. Apex Fence Company delivers superior craftsmanship, pays close attention to detail, and provides a friendly, professional service experience that sets us apart in the industry.

We strongly advise getting a physical survey done before installing a fence. The customer is responsible for the proper placement of the fence, and moving a fence after installation can cause significant costs. To ensure correct installation on the first attempt by our professionals, we recommend completing the survey before the installation process begins.

The material you select and the exact style you order will determine the cost of the fence. We offer free quotes! To arrange a consultation and receive guidance, kindly contact our team through our online form or by phone. You can also send us an email or visit our facility. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you throughout the process.

'811' is the national 'Call Before You Dig' phone number designated by the Federal Communications Commission. When we use '811,' we're ensuring that we take all necessary precautions before starting any digging or construction work for your fence installation. By contacting '811,' we notify utility companies to mark the locations of underground utilities on your property. This helps prevent accidental damage to essential services like gas, water, electricity, and communication lines, ensuring safety and minimizing disruptions during installation.

This is a frequently asked question. In Dunwoody and the surrounding areas, aluminum, chain link, vinyl, ornamental steel, and wood fences are all very popular options for a residential or commercial fence.

Of course! For the past 18 years in Dunwoody Georgia, we have been installing fences. For the protection of both you and our team, we are fully insured. Because we want the entire process of working on your fence to be amazing, we take safety extremely seriously!