Ranch Rail Fencing in Alpharetta, John’s Creek, and Milton, GA

Horse Fencing Installation in the Atlanta Metro

Ranch rail fences, which are also known as horse fences, are a common residential fencing choice throughout the Atlanta Metro – especially in Alpharetta, John’s Creek, and Milton, GA. Many homeowners love ranch rail fences because they make your yard feel nice and open but can also safely contain your pets when welded wire is added.

We typically use 4×4 fence posts and true 1”x 6”x16’ long rough-cut ranch boards when installing horse fences. The wire we add to these fences are typically 14 gauge and comes in 2×4” rectangles. If your ranch rail fence is going to be around a pool, it will more than likely need to be 5’ tall and have 1×2” wire so that children are not able to climb over it.

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