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Atlanta Airport Security Fencing Project

Security Fence Installation at Atlanta Airport

Poured concrete wall plus 10' chain link fencing at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl. Airport

Hartsfield airport located in Atlanta needed to relocate fencing on a portion of the airport and the spec was a 10' tall commercial fence sitting atop a new 4' wall, 2' in grade, 2' above grade. Apex Fence got the call for this airport fence renovation.

Before any work could be performed on the barrier of the airport we installed a temp/permanent 8' tall galvanized fence to block off the work area. After cutting the old wall into manageable sized pieces we removed the old wall with an excavator. We then trenched the length of new fence / wall.

After the wall was formed we stabbed the new posts in the freshly poured concrete and stretched the wire as soon as the concrete cure period would allow.

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