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Privacy Fence Installation in Atlanta

If you are looking to contract a wooden privacy fencing company in Atlanta, look no further than Apex Fence Company. We install over 250,000 feet of fencing every year in the Atlanta area! All that experience means that no matter what style or material of privacy fence you want, we can help you make the choice that’s right for your property.

Pros & Cons of Privacy Fences

If you haven’t yet decided that a privacy fence is right for you, consider some of these upsides and downsides.

Privacy Fence Benefits

  1. Privacy – An obvious benefit to privacy fences is in the name: privacy! If you want to set your yard off from your surrounding area, making it your private, quiet sanctum, a privacy fence is right for you. Similarly, privacy fences are generally safer than other types of fences.
  2. Property Value – As is the case with any newly installed fence, a privacy fence is likely to increase your home’s property value.
  3. Aesthetics – Privacy fences are beautiful! At least, we think they are. A wood privacy fence can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your Atlanta-area home.

Cons of Privacy Fences

  1. Cost – Since privacy fences are made of solid, high-quality wood with no gaps, they’re one of the more expensive kinds of fences we install in the Atlanta area. There can be some ongoing costs too: wood requires more maintenance than metal, chainlink, and other materials.
  2. Neighborly Disagreement – If you share a property line with your neighbors, a privacy fence could cause some strife. The height of a privacy fence might block your neighbor’s yard and their views.

Privacy Fence Materials

For wood privacy fences in Atlanta, two types of wood are most common (both of which are rot- and bug-resistant):

Pressure Treated Pine (PTP) – This type of wood is specially treated with pressure and chemicals to improve its longevity and resiliency against rot and deterioration. Pine wood can also be more cost-effective since it is grown, harvested, and treated right here in the Southeast.

Cedar – Cedar fencing is premium quality and has a beautifully rich color. We import it to Atlanta from the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

Types of Wood Privacy Fence Materials

Privacy fences are typically 6 feet high and block the view of your yard from those around you as well as your view of adjacent properties. We can help you find and design a privacy fence style that’s perfect for you! These are some of our most commonly built styles.

  1. Dog-eared Privacy Fences – This is a perfect style for basic privacy fence needs. Dog-eared fences are known for their trapezoidal top as seen here.

Board on Board Fences - Kennesaw

  1. Scalloped Privacy Fences – With gently curved lines punctuated by strong and sturdy anchor posts, a scalloped fence is a work of pleasing contrasts. The scalloped fence style can be used for privacy fences and picket fences.
  2. Saddled Privacy Fences – The design of a saddled wood privacy fence is very appealing thanks to the placement of the posts along the outside of the fence. This exposure adds a pleasant 3D look to the entire fence line.
  3. X-Brace Privacy Fences – This style of privacy fence is instantly recognizable from its name, featuring X-shaped bracing along its length. Check out this recent X-brace privacy fence project we did in Marietta, Georgia!
Client Testimonials
  • I had Apex install a privacy fence. It looks great, was installed quickly, and at a very reasonable price. Brian answered all my questions promptly and explained the installation process in detail. I highly recommend using Apex Fence Co.

  • Carl gave us everything we wanted in our fence (privacy, security and a great place for our kids/pets to play.) I would highly recommend Apex to anyone who wants a service that covers all the basis. We requested quotes from many providers....Apex was by far the true experts at giving you the best options for your fence. -K and E Dickinson

  • Apex did a fantastic job on our privacy fence, and we would recommend them very highly. They had the best price of the three quotes we obtained and were able to get started on the job quicker than anticipated. The three guys on the job, led by Robert, also get high marks. The fence looks great, and they even made sure to protect our neighbor's huge rose bush that was right next to the fence. Thanks, Apex.

    CHGreer in Decatur, GA

  • I got three estimates for a privacy fence for our home yard. They were all very close in price. Brian of Apex was the only one who discussed our options related to excessive brush in our backyard and was the only one who offered to remove the brush and thus put our fence on our back property line. He also squeezed our job in within the week so that we had a fenced yard for our new dog. The fence appears to be of good quality and the installation was done in a timely and sturdy manner. Brian inspected the job after its completion, this something that I have found other contractors to neglect and I appreciated Brian's personable manner and willingness to address my numerous questions about fencing. I can't imagine anyone having a bad experience using this company.

  • After speaking with Phil, my wife and I decided to go with a 6-foot privacy fence. Phil took the time to show us different photographs of the privacy fences and help us determine where the gates would be placed. We could not be happier and have already received complements from the neighbors. Prompt, courteous and professional cannot be said enough about this company. I would gladly recommend Apex and Phil to my family, friends, and neighbors.

  • We needed a fence installed for our back yard. Shane Oliver came out and measured, listened to my requests and made recommendations. I appreciate his expertise! He provided a detailed quote and sketch to provide to the HOA. After scheduling, a crew of two came out and worked very hard a put up our fence in one day. They were professional and friendly. The fence is sturdy, secure and we are very happy with it. Thanks for making it happen Apex!

  • Carl Woods came out to our house to perform the site survey and create their quote. He was very knowledgeable and made several recommendations to improve the look and function of the design I had in my head. He was professional and courteous at all times. The crew did a great job on the installation. In addition, they were both professional and courteous as well.

  • Apex was great from start to finish. The quote was very reasonable, Eric was very professional and honest, the crew came on the day promised, and the privacy fence looks great. The quality of materials and workmanship is excellent. We are very happy with the final product. They are even working with me to replace the latch since my dog has figured out how to open the gate!

  • Apex did a fantastic job on our privacy fence, and we would recommend them very highly. They had the best price of the three quotes we obtained and were able to get started on the job quicker than anticipated. The three guys on the job, led by Robert, also get high marks. The fence looks great, and they even made sure to protect our neighbor's huge rose bush that was right next to the fence. Thanks, Apex.

  • Apex Fence Company really went above and beyond to make sure I was a satisfied customer, even coming out to speak personally with a difficult neighbor. I was really impressed with their professionalism, and ended up with a beautiful privacy fence!

Privacy Fence FAQs

How much does it cost to put up a privacy fence? Privacy fence pricing varies greatly depending on many factors, such as the size of your property, the material you choose, and the desired style. Contact us today for a free privacy fence estimate in the Atlanta area

Will a privacy fence add value to my Atlanta home? Almost certainly, yes! An attractive new wooden privacy fence installed by our experts here at Apex will beautify and add value to your property.

Is a privacy fence worth it? That’s a question that we can’t answer for you and your family, but we can help you answer it! If any of the benefits of privacy fences we mentioned above sound appealing to you, it might be time to build a privacy fence for your Atlanta-area home.

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