When deciding on a fence for your Atlanta home, some important questions will come to mind. Will wood fencing be suitable for your home? If so, which wood styles and customizations will best meet your specific needs? Our Atlanta, GA fence company is here to help! In this blog, we will showcase the advantages of wood fencing and the different styles available for your Georgia property. Keep reading for some helpful fencing tips from Apex Fence Company that will help lead you in the right direction!

Is Wood Fencing Right for Your Atlanta, Georgia Property? 

Are you thinking of having a fence installed in your home and wondering if wood is a suitable material for your location? If so, you’re in luck! Wood fences are perfect for the Atlanta, Georgia area! Wood fences are a great choice for this area because not only are they good for the environment, but their natural design can also create a charming look that suits any property. Wood fences are also well-suited for Atlanta’s pesky climate, including heat and occasional humidity. 


Homeowners can easily customize wood fences in terms of color, stain, and finish. This flexibility provides a personalized touch that matches the unique style of each property! At our top-rated Atlanta, GA fence company, we provide a variety of wood fence styles to help you achieve important aspects like your desired level of privacy, height, and more. 

Are Wood Fences Durable?

Yes! Wood fences will maintain their stability as long as they meet the following requirements: 


Fence Posts are Correctly Installed

The structure of a fence relies on its posts. To guarantee the durability of your fence, it’s important to have high-quality posts that are properly installed. Here at Apex Fence Company, our team professionally installs posts in order to maximize the durability of our clients’ fences.


High-Quality Wood Rails and Pickets are Utilized

Some large retail stores and budget fence companies tend to reduce expenses by utilizing low-quality wood for their rails and pickets. It might seem like a great deal with how low their estimate is, but their low-quality wood will result in increased long-term expenses in frequent repairs and replacements. Our dedication to using top-notch materials ensures that your fence will provide lasting protection for you and your loved ones.

The Fence is Properly Maintained 

One advantage of having a wood fence is that they are made of all-natural materials. While this is great for the environment, unfortunately, wood can rot, crack, or warp over time as they are exposed to the elements. With regular inspections, you can maximize the lifespan of your fence! To be proactive, homeowners should inspect their fence at least once per year for signs of weathering and damage. 


So that may lead you to ask another important question – are wood fences durable? If you pick an expert, trusted company like Apex Fence Company, you can have confidence in our professional services and trust that your North Georgia wood fence will stay strong for many years to come! 

Most In-Demand Styles from a North Georgia Wood Fence Company

Wood fences come with plenty of customization options for top finishes, stains, and paints. Take a look at our photo gallery to view a collection of some of our previous wood fence projects. As an expert Atlanta, GA fence company, we offer many styles that residents favor. Below are some of the most popular styles of wood fence in the Atlanta area: 


Photo of picket Atlanta, GA wood fence

Wood Picket Fences

Wood picket fences are a classic choice for your home. They can elevate your property by adding a look of elegance. Wood picket fences can serve as a blank canvas where you can take control over the aesthetics. If you want to add a modern touch to the typical picket fence, meet with our fence professionals about ways to customize your wood picket fence to match your style.

Photo of ranch rail Atlanta, GA wood fence

Ranch Rail Wood Fences

The simplicity of the design of ranch rail, also called post and rail fencing, captures the beloved classic wood fence aesthetic, all while remaining a cost-effective choice. Initially meant for farms and livestock, these fences now work well in any setting, effectively marking property boundaries.

Photo of Horizontal Atlanta, GA wood fence

Horizontal Wood Fences

Horizontal wood fences are great for residents interested in a modern, updated style of the classic wood fence. The posts are unique because they are placed horizontally and are installed close together to create a full-privacy fence. This creates a sleek and contemporary look that many homeowners desire. This style is perfect for residents who are hoping to reimagine the traditional Atlanta, GA wood fence.

Photo of Shadowbox Atlanta, GA wood fence

Shadowbox Wood Fences

Shadowbox wood fences, created by alternating pickets on either side of the fence rails, are known as the classic “good neighbor” design. They are well-suited for property lines where both owners benefit from a view of the fence and prefer a semi-private option. The design also allows for better airflow and natural light, creating a more open and inviting ambiance.

Photo of a Board on Board Atlanta, GA wood fence

Board-On-Board Wood Fences

If you’re interested in a full-privacy option with more visual appeal for your fence, a board-on-board fence could be right for you. This style of wood fence is made by overlapping pickets on one side of the fence rail. This creates a full-privacy fence that can maintain its structure for years to come.

Photo of a stockade Atlanta, GA wood fence

Stockade Wood Fences

If you’re interested in the classic wood fence look while accomplishing full privacy and security, then the stockade design may be best for you. The stockade wood fence style is also known as the traditional full-privacy fence. Stockade fences are sought-after because they give a classic look, with the advantage of providing full privacy.

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